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Are you tired of endless runners, boring gameplay, no strategy, and ZERO replay value? Do you thirst for games that put gameplay and replay value first?  Enter STICKMAN CLIMBER.  Return to the 1980s and Shopping Mall Arcades where games ate quarter after quarter of your hard earned money. When games we challenging, addictive, and made you look cool.

Stickman Climber is reminiscent of retro-style counsel gameplay from the likes of Atari, Intellivision, Coleco, Nintendo and others.  Stickman Climber is an updated interpretation of the 1983 Commodore 64 classic “JUMPMAN.”  As kids, this was one of our favorite games.  So we decided to recreate it for today’s generation.

Run, jump, shoot, build, and climb your way through 20 custom levels of heat seeking bullets, bombs, alien robots, attack eagles and more.  Each level provides multiple platforms, ladders, and ropes for you to traverse in search of treasure.


  • Retro 2D Graphics reminiscent of Commodore 64, Nintendo, Sega, and Atari
  • Unique touchscreen controls
  • Old School sound effects and music.
  • Contend with moving platforms, one-direction ropes, ladders, moving treasure, and bad guys.
  • Avoid heat seeking bullets, falling bombs, robots, blobs, attack birds and more.
  • The faster you complete a level the better your score.
  • Replay each level over and over.


  • Each level gets hard and harder, while introducing you to new bad guys, tactics and obstacles.
  • Avoid varying types of bad guys.
  • Take a ride on moving platforms and ladders.
  • Chase after evasive treasures that avoid Stickman at all costs.
  • Build new ladders by collecting ladder pieces.
  • Shoot aliens and attack birds on your way to collecting treasure.



This is the best Stickman rendition yet!!!

Brings me back to the days of Donkey Kong, Centipede, and Frogger

Fantastic gameplay on such a small device.


News Page

Stickman Climber has been released!!!


588 days ago

After a long wait, Stickman is finally live in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. Please check it out

Stickman Gameplay Video is Here


606 days ago

Here’s is a gameplay video of Stickman Climber.

Stickman Coming Soon


616 days ago

We will be submitting the game for Apple’s approval next week. With all luck, the game will be available on the App Store by the end of February. Stay tuned!!!



616 days ago

Welcome to our Stickman Climber website.  We are very excited to create the site to help get the word out about our awesome game.

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